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First Haven Modular Floor Plan Has Standard and Spacious Design with with Options Features and Fixtures - Beckley, WV

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 05, 2015

Buying and building a new home can be overwhelming when there are a lot of choices to consider. However, the people behind Silver Point Homes have simplified such processes, helping you to choose and customize a modular floor plan you would love to have for your future home.

If you have a big family, the First Haven modular floor plan can be a viable option. It houses 4 extra-spacious bedrooms and 3 bathrooms that are strategically allocated to the 1768 square feet floor area available, making room for the rest of the parts of your home. Once you choose this floor plan, you are free to add your choice of latest exterior elevation, designer kitchen aesthetics, interior décor enhancement, as well as an optional master glamour bath. You are given more freedom to what color and other design elements you desire to have in your First Haven modular home.

The custom-built modular homes in Beckley, WV are constructed by highly qualified home builders using well-known brands of materials in a climate-controlled or factory-like environment. These modular homes not only comes with standard build specifications but also with structural warranty. All of them give you a guarantee that your modular home meets your specific preferences and conforms with the local and state building code requirements.

Make owning a modular home a more convenient experience. Simply choose the First Haven floor plan, choose what features and fixtures you want to add, and the home builders of Silverpoint Homes will take it from there.

The Newest Available Options in Modular Homes at Silverpoint Homes – Charleston, WV

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 05, 2014

One of the many misconceptions about modular homes is that they are packaged homes that cannot be customized to suit individual preferences. Unfortunately, there are some modular home manufacturers that are extremely limited. Silverpoint Homes sells modular homes that have a wide range of options and customizations. Currently we feature a couple new design options in some of our model homes that are very popular with homeowners.

Full Tile Walk-in Shower

Just a few years ago, a huge soaker tub was the must have item to define a Master Bath. Many homeowners have now realized that the huge soaker is a seldom used dust collector that takes up a ton of bathroom real estate. Now, the huge spa shower is very popular as homeowners realize they shower much more frequently than take baths, so why not make that the shower a nice, enjoyable feature?

Our New Era and New Image homes now offer a walk-in spa shower option. They have a full floor to ceiling ceramic tile with glass mosaic accents, ceiling mounted rainfall shower head, 2 wand sprayers, and a Schluter®-Systems pan with 2x2” ceramic tile. They are so big, that you do not need a shower door.

Imagine showering in this everyday…….

Full Tile Walk-in Shower   Full Tile Walk-in Shower

Silverpoint Homes has the walk-in shower on display in our Charleston model at our Beckley, WV Sales Center. It can be added into most of our other modular homes.

Undermount sink with a laminate top

Undermount sink with a laminate top

Many homeowners want the look of granite or quartz countertops but not the price. Improvements in laminate countertops have made this look possible. Laminate counters are no longer a uniform pattern. Now, patterns can mimic the look of granite or quartz. Additionally, our manufacturers now offer undermount sinks and a crescent (curved) edge profile. The undermount sinks are available in stainless steel or quartz and a variety of shapes (double, single, one large/one small). The crescent edge creates a profile that looks like bullnosed granite. Most cannot tell the difference between granite and laminate and have to ask us what material is the countertop.

Silverpoint Homes currently has the new countertops and undermount sink option on display in our Beckley, Charleston, and Osceola modular model homes at our Beckley, WV Sales Center.

Walk-up Attic

It is worth mentioning that one of the most popular options at Silverpoint Homes is our most popular option on our ranch homes. Instead of a flimsy pull-down staircase, many of our modular homes can have a full staircase to a fully decked attic. This makes for tons of storage with easy access. The attic height in many of our homes is 6’8” to where you do not even need to bend down to walk around.

Silverpoint Homes currently has the walk-up attic option on display in our Beckley model home at our Beckley, WV Sales Center.

For more information on modular homes from Silverpoint Homes, contact us.

The Ashwood Modular Home– One of Our Most Popular Modular Floor Plans in North Carolina

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 18, 2014
The Ashwood Modular Home– One of Our Most Popular Modular Floor Plans in North Carolina

Modular homes in North Carolina provide you with a wide selection of styles and sizes to make it your own. All the available modular home floor plans are flexible; so choose from one of our hundreds of existing plans and if needed, you can customize it to meet the needs of your family.

One of our most popular modular home floor plans is The Ashwood. While there are flexible options to customize this floor plan which comprises 1,549 square feet of living space, the existing design contains 3 bedrooms, one is a master bedroom with an adjacent glamour master bath. This single story Ashwood home has an open floor plan with a kitchen that opens into a spacious dining area which shares the center part of the house with the living room.

Ashwood Floor Plan

The Ashwood - Options - Click to View

The modular home specifications meet or exceed all construction codes, and the features and fixtures of The Ashwood can be modified to meet your specific requirements and preferences. You have full design control over this ranch style modular home because it has an open floor plan that allows you to help make choices on both the outside and inside of your new modular home; from the interior to the exterior, from insulation to plumbing, from cabinets to counters and much more. Your options in the The Ashwood include a Builders Choice Exterior Package where you can choose the material, style, and design for your front door, porch, roof, siding and shutters.

Whether it is a starter home or a home for empty-nesters, we can help you customize your new modular home. For more details, contact Silverpoint Homes.

When Looking at Modular Home Manufacturers, Make Sure You Compare “Apples to Apples” – Charleston, WV

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Occasionally we run into previous potential customers and find out they bought a modular home from somewhere else (yes, we are still friendly with them). After talking about their new home, we may inquire why they bought from somewhere else. The typical answer is not that they liked the other home better, but they thought they were getting a better deal by saving thousands of dollars or getting a bigger home for the same money. Unfortunately, they are now paying for it in one way or another and wished they would have bought a modular home from Silverpoint Homes.

So how can a similar size modular home cost thousands less? From builders or manufacturers specifications and options. A few big things like cabinets, carpet, and windows, and lots and lots of little detail items like door knobs, light fixtures, recessed lights, and lumber dimensions add up. We also dress up our display model modular homes to show the variety of potential options.

Silverpoint Homes believes most modular homes are well built in terms of factory quality, however not all modular homes are built to the same specifications. Over the past several years, many doublewide/HUD manufacturers converted their products up to modular, while other modular manufacturers developed homes that can look nice on the surface, but do not have “good bones” or underlying quality. It's like putting “lipstick on a pig.” Initially they look good, but over time the home has problems. This has created confusion and perception problems with homebuyers looking into modular homes.

Below is a table of specifications to aid in comparing a typical Silverpoint Homes’ modular home to a typical lower value modular home. Many are hidden specifications that will not be called out in detail on sales literature. The home might not have all the lower specifications listed but it will have several. Additionally many site builders will use similar undocumented specifications to shave costs. When you are in the final stages of selecting a home or builder, Silverpoint Homes encourages a detail specification review to ensure you get your modular home built the way you want. If price is the primary concern, we can build your home with different specifications to meet a lower price point. We can assist you in determining which specifications should really matter to you and which ones may not.

When comparing “apples to apples”, you will discover that our homes really are the Best Value per Square Foot.

View our table of specifications

Custom-Built Modular Homes Allow You to Explore More Options in Home Building - Charleston, WV

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 06, 2014

Modular homes in Charleston, WV are usually a less expensive alternative in home construction. However, it is important to point out that modular homes are not inferior in quality when compared to traditionally built homes; in fact they meet or exceed all state and local building codes. Each modular home can be custom designed; therefore, modular home construction makes it possible for homeowners to own their dream home at a more affordable cost. At Silverpoint Homes we guarantee that only high-quality materials are used in constructing our modular homes.

Modular homes are constructed from modules that are joined together to create your custom modular floor plan. You can design your own unique floor plan, or you can choose from hundreds of our standard modular floor plans. Additionally, our standard floor plans can be further modified to create a unique look and feel that meets your family’s needs. Modular home floor plans are flexible enough that you can add or remove design options based on your preferences, needs and budget. And, when it comes to expanding in the future, modular homes still have an advantage over traditionally built homes with the ease of modular home additions.

Custom-built modular homes offer cutting edge customization for any style homes. That is why there is always a perfect modular home floor plan for you. For more information on modular home building, visit Silverpoint Homes now.

Silverpoint Homes opens Modular Sales Center in Lincolnton, NC

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 22, 2014

Silverpoint Homes is pleased to announce the opening of their newest sales center in Lincolnton, North Carolina. The sales center is in the former location of Key Properties at 2125 East Main Street in Lincolnton, NC. This location just off NC Highway 321 provides easy access to homebuyers from the surrounding areas of Gastonia, Hickory, Shelby, Charlotte and beyond. Silverpoint Homes of North Carolina features display models from R-Anell Homes, Commodore Homes and Carolina Building Solutions (CBS Modular). New display models will be added to the sales center soon. Additionally, Silverpoint Homes of North Carolina is an authorized builder for Champion Homes, Atlantic Homes, Dutch Housing of NC and Holmes Building Systems (HBS).

Silverpoint Homes of NC offers custom home construction to the Gaston, Lincoln, Catawba and Mecklenburg County areas, and additional surrounding areas of North Carolina and South Carolina. In addition to display models, we offer hundreds of customizable modular floor plans to suit every homebuyer’s needs.

The professional and knowledgeable Silverpoint Homes sales staff has over 100 years of combined experienced in modular home building. We offer quality modular homes at reasonable prices - making us the Best Value per Square Foot.

Custom-Built Modular Homes: The Most Convenient Option For Housing Projects in Princeton, WV

Joseph Coupal - Sunday, September 14, 2014

People looking to build modular homes in Princeton, WV probably have done their homework and have many reasons to go that route. But there is a primary reason why prospective new home buyers are turning to modular homes instead of traditionally built homes. The reasons, however, can all be summed up with one word – CONVENIENCE.

Modular homes are constructed partially at a factory where the environment is controlled before they are assembled at their eventual locations. They are comparably cheaper because they are prefabricated on an assembly line that is stocked with high quality materials. These materials are safely stored and secured against the harmful elements of the outside surroundings, changing weather, and the threats from thieves. This reduces waste or loss of materials, which are bought in bulk to lower the purchasing cost. The assembly line is also manned by specialists and quality control experts to ensure that the building process is done right and to the highest standards.

Each modular home is made up of multiple modules, that when completely constructed on its permanent site, can create convenient and contemporary spaces. And even though modular floor plans are pre-designed, a specific floor plan can be customized at the customer's request. The homeowner has virtually unlimited say in how they customize the trim and details to their exact specifications and preferences.

Modular homes, therefore, have provided homebuyers an avenue where they can optimize their time and investment, making these homes the most convenient option for housing projects. If you are interested in quoting or touring any of these modular homes, visit or call our Silverpoint Homes Sales Center.

The All-New Charleston Model & Revised Beckley Model are Now Open for Tours

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 22, 2014
The All-New Charleston Model & Revised Beckley Model are Now Open for Tours

Silverpoint Homes is excited to announce that two new model homes are now open for tours at our modular home sales center near Beckley, WV. These homes are great examples of why our homes are the Best Value per Square Foot.

The Charleston

The Charleston is an all new triple wide modular cape home (3 sections deep). The triple module setup provides a very different layout than many traditional 2 module floor plans. The floor plan is open, spacious and makes the house feel much larger. Additionally, the 42’ x 42’ footprint lines up very well with an attached garage that we can build.

The first floor features 1,695 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and second floor with 835 square feet for a potential 2,530 square feet. The second floor can be used for a media or family room, extra bedrooms, or just storage – there are numerous possibilities.

The Charleston’s kitchen has some very nice features:

  • Whirlpool Black Ice Appliances
  • Full mosaic backsplash
  • Under mount sink right in front of a huge picture window
  • Stunning gray stained flat panel oak cabinets

The master bathroom has New Era’s Versailles Spa Shower that you have to see to believe:

  • A huge 4’ x 7’ walk-in shower
  • Full tile from floor to ceiling
  • Glass mosaic accents
  • Rainfall shower head
  • Dual sprayer wands

To complete the home, the Charleston also features:

  • 8’8” ceilings
  • Renaissance trim package
  • ¾” hardwood in the kitchen and dining room

The Beckley

The Beckley is now on its 4th revision since Silverpoint Homes custom designed it around 8 years ago. The new Beckley is the same great floor plan with 2 living room areas, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms plus that huge walk-up attic.

Perhaps the most dramatic change is the exterior. We added a hip roof to break up the roof line, created a recessed entryway, and optioned bead lap vinyl siding for a unique look.

The interior is up to date with the following attractive features:

  • Gorgeous dark flat panel cabinets with long stainless steel pull handles
  • Full subway tile backsplash
  • Black quartz under mount sink
  • Arts & Crafts base time and casing package
  • Extended vinyl plank flooring

The previous model included an 8’x24’ reverse gable porch that can be added as an option to this home to add even more curb appeal.

Both homes are ready to be customized to suit your personal needs. We invite you to stop by and tour these magnificent homes at Silverpoint Homes.

Modular Homes are Custom-Built to be Cutting-Edge - Charleston, WV

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 11, 2014

Modular Homes in Charleston, WV debunk the claim that prefab homes cannot be built to look cutting-edge. Modular construction has made the prefab home industry trendier after being underrated for years due to on-site home construction.

The flexible modular floor plans offer many customizations with any of floor plan styles, so you don't need to feel locked in by any base floor plan. That means you will have a modular home that is built uniquely for you to match your exact specifications. Just by looking at our preset floor plans, you have a starting point. Then, you can have your chosen floor plan modified to meet your preferences and requirements.

When it comes to modern design and construction, nothing beats the price of a modular home. It is less expensive to build and customize than most stick-built homes. You can reduce construction- and maintenance-related costs significantly as compared to standard site-built home building. This is because high quality materials are purchased in bulk which are then securely stored in a controlled environment until they are used to build modules.

Modular homes have a lot to offer, especially when it comes to the convenience in home designs. Find the perfect home for you at Silverpoint Homes.

Modular Homes: Having Your Dream Home in Weeks not Months -Beckley, WV

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 18, 2014

Modular homes in Beckley WV are prefab homes that are built in a controlled environment that protects the construction process from unnecessary weather delays. These homes are manufactured using innovative technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to come up with a more precisely, custom-built modular home that is built to last.

There are many sizes and styles of modular floor plans and architectural designs we can choose from. The floor plan you choose can be further modified to meet your specifications and requirements. With custom-built modular homes, you have great flexibility when it comes to choosing the furniture cabinetry, flooring, and fixtures to meet virtually any taste..

Being on a tight budget is not a problem because modular homes are the most affordable option for those looking to custom build versus buy. Plus, production time at the factory only takes about 8 weeks. The finished modules will be delivered and constructed on the permanent foundation and location even faster. Overall, this reduces the amount of time on a construction loan and therefore saves you money, often thousands of dollars.

Silverpoint Homes specializes in building new homes using modular technologies. Rest assured that we can build your custom modular home in Beckley WV in weeks rather than months.