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Customized Modular Home is Time Efficient and Cost Saving

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Silverpoint Homes - Modular Homes, Lincolnton, NC

Few things are more frustrating than construction delays. This is quite understandable when you consider the mandate to vacate your current home (due to sale) and the obvious desire to avoid hotels and temporary storage of household goods. When comparing on-schedule delivery of modular home construction vs traditional stick-built home construction, there is no comparison. Modular homes are delivered on-time and on-cost at a much higher rate than traditional construction, and it is not even close.

Modular construction incorporates a more systematic approach as compared to conventional way of building homes. Modular home construction utilizes computer-aided design software that cuts design time. Modifications to the design are easily enacted. Weather is a huge enemy to traditional home builders, but not necessarily to modular home builders as a significant percentage of the construct is accomplished back at the factory. Also, modular construction uses advanced technology in cutting and molding their materials. These shortens the working time in half and produces modules with precise cuts and shapes.

Completion of modular homes in Lincolnton, NC take less much time. Homeowners can move-in to their new home in just a matter few of weeks. This is also the reason why modular homes are budget-friendly compared to traditional method. If you are considering building a modular home, contact Silverpoint Homes. We can help you get started with your new home project.

Quality Modular Homes At A Price You Can Afford

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Silverpoint Homes - Beckley, WV

Building your new home can be an intimidating experience. As modular home builders, one of the most rewarding experiences comes from those who became frustrated when working with traditional stick-built home builders regarding just how much home they were going to get for their dollar. Luck for many, they delayed pushing the go button in order to give modular home construction a look only to find that for the same money they were going to get so much more out of their construction dollar. Everyone is essentially on tight budgets, but for those of you young people out there, modular construction empowers just everyone a path to a super high quality new home.

Because modular construction starts in a manufacturing warehouse, the building materials are screened for quality before they ever arrive the build site. For many (if not most) traditional stick-built construction firms, there is always high pressure to build around poor quality materials that are delivered to the site. Those pressures include the cost of returning and replacing poor quality materials, the time delays associated with the same, and the managerial oversight required to manage the returns. Once again, that is a non-issue with modular construction as the vast majority of the materials are screened and framed before arriving at the build site.

Indeed, modular building offerings to West Virginia will make you see the home building process in a whole new and positive light. If you are interested of building your dream home faster, stronger, and for less money than you thought possible, Silverpoint Homes is ready to lead you in every step along the way. Contact us today!

Modular Construction Offers Tougher Resilient Homes

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 11, 2019
Silverpoint Homes - Martinsville, VA

The disaster caused by Hurricane Florence devastated North Carolina and has caused many people in the area to lose their homes. While hurricanes do not hit Massachusetts with such severity, homeowners are interested in building homes that are safer and sturdier. Modular homes have more capacity to withstand strong, hurricane-force winds.

Strong, robust homes that can handle 180 mph winds are constructed by modular home builders. These homes are perfect for families who live anywhere in Virginia, but most especially for those who live in flood prone areas. Modular construction designs and builds resilient homes that can stand tough against natural forces. Modules are glued, screwed, and strapped for safe transport during transportation to the permanent building site. Because these homes are so securely built, they meet and often exceed state and local building codes. Additionally, the series of QA tests are the protocol of modular building system to ensure these codes are properly met.

Homebuyers today need to pay attention to the quality of their homes and the materials and processes used to build them. Looking at the aftermath of past hurricanes, homebuyers should review all of their home building options. Contact Silverpoint Homes for strong and beautiful homes.

Modular Homes Make it Possible to Integrate Classic and Modern Home Styles

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 09, 2019
Maiden II

Homebuyers who are building a new home are keen on details and have unique tastes in home designs. Some want to fuse the classic home feel to modern homes. This may sound like a challenge, but with modular homes homeowners can add touches of colonial features to modern home structures.

With the advanced technology used in modular construction, designing the indoor and outdoor layout is easier. Additionally, modular homes in Greensboro, NC are fully customizable. With modular homes, homeowners have the leverage to make their homes unique by applying specific antique accents and pairing them with modern details. This can combine classic furnishings such as colonial architecture to stylish modern designs in perfect harmony.

If you want a home that both echoes classic and contemporary designs, then consider modular homes to get the style and atmosphere you desire. Contact Silverpoint Homes to find out more about custom-designed modular homes in North Carolina.

Another Modular Home Advantage -- Less Noise

Joseph Coupal - Monday, July 08, 2019
Silverpoint Homes - Lincolnton, NC

Modular construction is making waves in the home construction industry because it is highly efficient, value priced, and flexible in design options. Here’s yet another advantage of modular home construction, less noise. This is because much of the modular home building process is conducted within the factory and not on site. Essentially all traditional construction occurs on the build site. You’ll make a good impression on your neighbors before you ever move in!

Don’t forget that modular floor plans are highly customizable. They can be designed to fit the requirements of any homebuyer. Modules are pre-built with high grade materials in a factory setting. Each module meets or exceeds the local and state building codes and standards that apply for traditional construction. The indoor construction of the modules makes modular home construction faster and quieter because fewer machines and tools are involved during on-site assembly. Furthermore, on-site error and rework is also minimized.

So let’s review just some of the benefits of modular construction. Less money to build, in less time, with less noise, and with more strength. There are more reasons to choose modular homes in Lincolnton, NC, but these four reasons are reasons enough. For more details about modular homes, contact Silverpoint Homes.