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Silverpoint Homes generally serves areas within a 2-Hour drive from Beckley, WV. Outside 1-hour radius are reviewed on case by case basis. The map approximately shows the primary areas we serve highlighted in GREEN (50 mile radius). Areas in AMBER (75 miles radius) are evaluated on case by case basis. Areas outside this radius are generally cost prohibitive. Please note that map is a general reference and may show areas we do not serve within the highlighted area and some areas we would serve not highlighted. Please visit our Sales Center or submit a request below to see if we serve your area.

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My husband and I bought a home from Silverpoint Homes over a year ago. Everyone is so friendly and were quick to come fix any problems that we had the first few months (which were minor issues). I love how quick the process took, we were in our home in 3 short months, if that. We were made to feel like family and I was so excited the day we got our keys to our new home. Of course the price was a perk as well. When compared to other homes with our price range there was no comparison at all. Silverpoint homes was the only way to go, and we are so happy we did.

Mark & Mary Beth G. Beckley / West Virginia

I just purchased not my first but my second new home from Silverpoint Homes. I couldn't be happier!!!! I want to thank everyone for all your patience, professionalism, and such great service. It has truly made this a wonderful experience for me. Your great!!!! May God Bess you all.

Denise L. Grandview / West Virginia

We purchased our home from Silverpoint Homes about eight months ago. The staff and work crew were beyond amazing. They did everything promised and more. I could not be happier with our home and all the people that made it happen. If you are looking for a new home try Silverpoint first. Take it from someone who looked at every house lot in the area. The staff and quality of the homes can not be beat.

Danny & Lesley W. Rock Creek / West Virginia