Custom-Built Modular Homes: The Most Convenient Option For Housing Projects in Princeton, WV

Joseph Coupal - Sunday, September 14, 2014

People looking to build modular homes in Princeton, WV probably have done their homework and have many reasons to go that route. But there is a primary reason why prospective new home buyers are turning to modular homes instead of traditionally built homes. The reasons, however, can all be summed up with one word – CONVENIENCE.

Modular homes are constructed partially at a factory where the environment is controlled before they are assembled at their eventual locations. They are comparably cheaper because they are prefabricated on an assembly line that is stocked with high quality materials. These materials are safely stored and secured against the harmful elements of the outside surroundings, changing weather, and the threats from thieves. This reduces waste or loss of materials, which are bought in bulk to lower the purchasing cost. The assembly line is also manned by specialists and quality control experts to ensure that the building process is done right and to the highest standards.

Each modular home is made up of multiple modules, that when completely constructed on its permanent site, can create convenient and contemporary spaces. And even though modular floor plans are pre-designed, a specific floor plan can be customized at the customer's request. The homeowner has virtually unlimited say in how they customize the trim and details to their exact specifications and preferences.

Modular homes, therefore, have provided homebuyers an avenue where they can optimize their time and investment, making these homes the most convenient option for housing projects. If you are interested in quoting or touring any of these modular homes, visit or call our Silverpoint Homes Sales Center.