What is Modular



mod·u·lar | \ ˈmä-jə-lər \

Definition of modular

1 : employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction

“Modular housing units”

A modular home is a house that is built of pre-fabricated sections referred to as modules. They are constructed away from a build site, transported to the site and fitted together. They are built to the same code standards as any other site-built home, go through stringent quality control processes and are becoming increasingly popular with new technologies. Ultimately it is a great construction method for your new home and a great solution to a housing market that is constantly in low supply.

Modular Homes Are:

  • High Quality
    • Same Code Requirements
    • Materials Stay Dry
    • 20 – 30% More Dimensional Lumber
  • Affordable
    • Regularly start at better costs per square foot than comparable Site Builders
  • Efficient – less waste in materials; fine-tuned process to hit build time expectations
  • Less Stress – streamlined process with one point of contact throughout sales and build process