Modular Construction for Strong Hurricane Proof Homes

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 09, 2018
Silver Point Homes - Modular Homes Princeton, WV

Spring may bring with it warmer weather but if you think the weather stays perfect throughout the season, think again. As the matter of fact, severe storms often occur during spring and summer because the warm air they bring forth is the main ingredient for the formation of thunderstorms. Due to this fact, many homebuyers in West Virginia now consider hurricane-proof modular homes for a sturdy shelter in times of harsh weather.

Modular homes, Princeton, WV are built from series of modules. Each modules needs is built with high-quality materials and meets or exceeds local and state building codes. However, home builders Princeton WV often exceed this requirement. This because the modules need to be strong enough to be transported to the actual home site. During assembly, they need to be tough enough to handle craning. This means every module is glued and screwed offering an extra layer of durability.

Furthermore, the modules are then strapped, bolted and screwed together to secure the foundation. A series of large steel anchors are used to support the home which further protect it during severe flash floods. In addition, modular homes are constructed to withstand 180 mph gusting winds. For more information about hurricane-proof modular homes, contact Silver Point Homes.