Modular Homes Can Replace Homes for Hurricane Victims

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 24, 2018

There are far too many victims of Hurricane Florence that are looking to replace their homes. The destruction was so vast that traditional home builders and local contractors will be strapped from too little labor, too little time, and too much demand. The good news is that modular home manufacturing companies are more able to accommodate your replacement home needs in a timely manner. Modular homes for hurricane Florence victims has become the norm in other locations across the nation that have been hit by hurricanes and devastating storms. There are many benefits to choosing modular construction.

Basically, with modular construction, you are outsourcing the labor, materials and construction process, which allows you to get your new, custom designed modular home, faster than many of those people around you who may contract their home with local builders.

Modular homes are built to the same or higher standards than traditional homes, but in hurricane prone areas, modular homes are built even better. Built to withstand up to 140 mph winds and with reinforced joints, modular homes are sturdy and safe and more secure than traditional construction.

Modular homes can also be placed on pilings that are encased in cement and meet all new hurricane specifications. And, because modular homes can be custom designed, they can also be built to the original footprint in order to align with local zoning laws.

If you are a hurricane Florence victim who is in need of a replacement home, Contact Silverpoint Homes.