The Plantation Offers More Options for Customization in Its Two-Level Modular Floor Plan - Lincolnton, NC

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 05, 2015

The Plantation is one of the most popular two-story modular homes in North Carolina. This floor plan consists of 2,434 square feet all in all which is equally divided for the first floor and second floor. You can either use the upper level to separate your bedrooms from areas that are on daily use just like the living room, or you can leave it unfinished until you need more rooms when your family gets bigger. One item to note: on a two-story, the second floor would be finished by Silverpoint Homes. It can only be left unfinished if it is a Cape Cod style home.

Each feature and fixture complements the rest so the interior and exterior designs blend perfectly well. Included in this modular floor plan are the wrap porch with rails and two sets of steps made of treated lumber. Two HVAC heat pumps are also installed so you can still feel warm and comfortable even when it is an extremely cold weather. Gutters are also installed on your roof to protect your foundation and surrounding of your house against the damaging effects of falling water. You have the freedom to choose a textured ceiling and many more.

Just like the traditionally built homes, The Plantation qualifies to certain building and construction codes. This custom-built modular home in Lincolnton, NC also comes with a 10-year structural warranty so you will leave in it worry-free. The standard build specifications that are provided by each builder can be modified at your request, built according to your specific wants and needs. This is to make sure that what you will have at the end of the construction process is a living space that is uniquely yours and stands out from the rest.

To know what other options are in store for you if you choose to build The Plantation, contact Silverpoint Homes.