Traditional Cape Cod Modular Homes – A Flexible Floor Plan that Addresses Modern Necessities - Charleston, WV

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 29, 2015

Custom-built modular homes in Charleston, WV continue to be popular because of the wide array of design options that are available. Whichever modular floor plan you choose; you will always have the best value per square foot for your money.

One of the most popular modular floor plans that many homeowners choose to build is the Traditional Cape Cod style modular home. This style home originated in the 17th century, but its clean and classic look remains popular. Cape homes offer a more affordable style in the modular home construction industry. Cape Cod homes are known for simplicity, with little ornamentation so they blend with the landscape. However, this is one of the advantages of a Cape home; you are free to add more features and fixtures to your Cape Cod modular home in addition to the standard build specifications.

Traditionally, Cape Cod homes have a symmetrical design that can withstand stormy weather conditions. They are usually single story homes with a pitched roof and a central chimney. The steep roof and low ceiling prevents excessive accumulation of snow on the house in winter and help to aid in proper ventilation during summer.

Older style Cape homes have a main door in between two multi-paned windows on the front. Today, this is not the only exterior style design. Cape Cod modular homes now often have a second floor in which you can configure up to 3 bedrooms, depending on your need for space. There are many options to optimize the floor space of these broad-framed homes. And, if you are undecided on how you want to use the upstairs space, you can add dormers for increased space as well as for additional light and ventilation in your home.

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