When Looking at Modular Home Manufacturers, Make Sure You Compare “Apples to Apples” – Charleston, WV

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Occasionally we run into previous potential customers and find out they bought a modular home from somewhere else (yes, we are still friendly with them). After talking about their new home, we may inquire why they bought from somewhere else. The typical answer is not that they liked the other home better, but they thought they were getting a better deal by saving thousands of dollars or getting a bigger home for the same money. Unfortunately, they are now paying for it in one way or another and wished they would have bought a modular home from Silverpoint Homes.

So how can a similar size modular home cost thousands less? From builders or manufacturers specifications and options. A few big things like cabinets, carpet, and windows, and lots and lots of little detail items like door knobs, light fixtures, recessed lights, and lumber dimensions add up. We also dress up our display model modular homes to show the variety of potential options.

Silverpoint Homes believes most modular homes are well built in terms of factory quality, however not all modular homes are built to the same specifications. Over the past several years, many doublewide/HUD manufacturers converted their products up to modular, while other modular manufacturers developed homes that can look nice on the surface, but do not have “good bones” or underlying quality. It's like putting “lipstick on a pig.” Initially they look good, but over time the home has problems. This has created confusion and perception problems with homebuyers looking into modular homes.

Below is a table of specifications to aid in comparing a typical Silverpoint Homes’ modular home to a typical lower value modular home. Many are hidden specifications that will not be called out in detail on sales literature. The home might not have all the lower specifications listed but it will have several. Additionally many site builders will use similar undocumented specifications to shave costs. When you are in the final stages of selecting a home or builder, Silverpoint Homes encourages a detail specification review to ensure you get your modular home built the way you want. If price is the primary concern, we can build your home with different specifications to meet a lower price point. We can assist you in determining which specifications should really matter to you and which ones may not.

When comparing “apples to apples”, you will discover that our homes really are the Best Value per Square Foot.

View our table of specifications