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Below are testimonials from actual customers. Many of these were posted on Yahoo! or Google and others are from letters and email.

My wife and I love our new home, from start to finish the service was great. I asked them to do some things I thought may not be possible. For example: the property was, in my mind, a tough place to take a modular of that size, but the crew that took it up knew what they were doing. If you're looking for a quality home you need to go to Silverpoint Homes. - Scott R.

My husband and I bought a home from Silverpoint Homes over a year ago. We were lucky to deal with Dougal Smith, he was patient with us and made sure all our wishes came true with our house. Everyone is so friendly and were quick to come fix any problems that we had the first few months (which were minor issues). I love how quick the process took, we were in our home in 3 short months, if that. We were made to feel like family and I was so excited the day we got our keys to our new home. Of course the price was a perk as well. When compared to other homes with our price range there was no comparison at all. Silverpoint homes was the only way to go, and we are so happy we did. - Mark & Mary Beth G.

From the moment we arrived at Silverpoint Homes 20 minutes before closing on a Saturday evening to when we moved in, our experience was fantastic. Gary, our salesperson was very knowledgeable, friendly and was very good about keeping us up to date on status of delivery and returning calls. Jeff, Jason and crew that installed the home and did post move-in adjustments were all wonderful. The home is high quality for an unbelievable price. We bought the Freeport and added the porch (I recommend that as a must-have on this home) and we extended it by 2 feet. Love it, love it, love it. - Coleman & Lori W.

Silverpoint Homes is a great choice for your modular home builder! Anything I needed they were willing to help or to figure it out with me. A modular home company with a face. Not some faceless organization. I was worked with one-on-one to hammer out a big building project that took time and effort. Silverpoint Homes stuck in there with me the whole way! - Josh E.

I couldn't be happier with my home. My husband and I moved in late November. The weather didn't always cooperate but the contractors and staff at Silverpoint did the best they could to get our house ready. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of construction, the consideration and courtesy of the salesman and contracted tradesmen, and the pace at which they worked. I regret that I didn't get the foundation back-filled on the inside before the house was placed. We have a large area under the house, but the large void by the foundation takes away from useful space. This should be an option after pouring the footers and before enclosing the foundation. I wasn't prepared for the huge difference in the cost of the foundation. We live on a slope and were hit with the expense of laying 10 block high in the front of the house.I bought the lot model which included the front porch and steps. Once the house was set and the porch was attached, the contractor told me, there would be an additional cost for steps. I thought the cost was inflated, but Silverpoint worked with me to negotiate for a fair solution. I have recommended Silverpoint to several people. I would purchase the same house from them again. I hope to post pictures soon. Leticia L.

I just purchased not my first but my second new home from Silver Point Homes. I couldn't be happier!!!! I want to thank everyone for all your patience, professionalism, and such great service. It has truly made this a wonderful experience for me. A special thank to you to Gary Perdue for selling me both my homes. Your great!!!! May God Bess you all. - Denise L.

We love our home. We purchased it with Dougal Smith. We told him what we was looking for and he delivered prompt, friendly, personal service. Everything was handled very professional and the contractors and crew was 'top notch' We would recommend Dougal Smith and Silverpoint Homes to everyone. - Richard H.

My family and I love our home and the service we have gotten from Silverpoint Homes. The staff is awesome and take pride in helping to make sure all your wants and needs are handled. A very solid program and process. - Michael & Beth C.

Our finished home is beautiful and well-built. We love it! The folks at Silverpoint have been great to work with throughout the process. The only issues we experienced were with a few sub contractors, mostly related to several customizations we had done on our home. If it weren't for those sub contractors, it would be a 5 star. It is my understanding, though, these issues have been addressed so future buyers should have an even better experience. Mark, Jeff, and Gary have always been extremely helpful to us...thank you guys! - Steven K.

My wife and I recently purchased our home from Gary at Silverpoint Homes. Our experience was excellent. Gary assisted us from finding our land to getting the loan process started. He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and is currently still helping us. The home was done in a timely manner, even with delays from bad winter weather. Silverpoint was also quick to fix any problems that came up during the construction phases. I would recommend silverpoint and the ease of home buying process to everyone. - Eric & Rekai W.

Our experience with Silverpoint has been wonderful. Dougal Smith is a very good salesman and is extremely knowledgeable. He went above and beyond what would have been required of him. The home was purchased for my mother and she loves her knew home. Everyone, from the moment we entered the door at Silverpoint, has been very friendly, helpful and kind to us. My mother, husband and I would recommend Silverpoint to anyone. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dougal for all of his hard work and to thank Pete Conard for his help and for being so honest with us. Thanks to Jeff and his crew too, for all of their hard work. - Nedra H.

My husband and I bought our Silverpoint home almost a year ago. We absolutely love the house and would recommend it to everyone looking to buy a house. Mark has helped us tremendously every step of the way with any problems or questions we've had. They are excellent in customer service and price. Silverpoint is by far the best place to go when looking to buy a new house. - Eric & Theresa R.

Me and my wife have been very happy with our Silverpoint Home. We moved into it from a much older home that was a constant struggle to heat, cool, and maintain. We love the new home. We had a great experience dealing with Dougal during the purchase process, and with Jeff and the guys on the set up and final touches. I would recommend Silverpoint Homes to anyone. - AW Ryan

My wife and I purchased our home from Silverpoint. We chose Silverpoint Homes because my parents had purchased a home from Gary several years ago, and I knew the quality home they produced. From start to finish, we both were very well pleased with Gary, Jeff and the entire work crew with Silverpoint. We have been in our home 9 months, and have a few minor issues, but nothing that won't be fixed within our one year review period. My hats off to Silverpoint Homes for providing quality homes, at reasonable prices, with exceptional service, and commitment to customer service. - Bryan R.

We purchased our home last year in the late summer. We are very pleased with service and courtesy from Silverpoint Homes. Everything was met to our satisfaction, when we had any questions and needs they were always quick to respond with satisfaction. I would recommend Silverpoint Homes to anyone in the market for a new home. - George S

About two years ago my husband and I began planning our retirement. We wanted to build our "forever" home on the family farm. We chose Silverpoint Homes because the quality of the homes offered was excellent, and the home priced out at about 20-25% less than having it built by a contractor. The entire process was extremely smooth with absolutely no surprises. Financing was easily arranged. Everyone involved at Silverpoint was professional and friendly. Gary Perdue really went the extra mile to work with us in getting exactly what we wanted. The home was delivered and set up on schedule and all finish work was completed rather quickly after that. We have been in our home for over a year now and we still just love it. I would definitely recommend Silverpoint (and have recommended it to a relative) to anyone looking for a quality home without the stresses and cost overruns of a traditional building process. - Rose T.

We bought our home in 2011 and we are extremely happy with it. Mark and Mitchel Stover were awesome to work with. Dougal Smith was our sales representative. He went out of his way to accommodate the selection of materials we wanted and changes we wanted made. I was so excited that I think I took everyone I knew to show them our home on the lot. DougaI was always so kind and patient with me. I highly recommend seeing the homes at Silverpoint and meeting the people who will make your dream home become a reality. Our experience with Silverpoint exceeded our wildest dreams! I had gone to other businesses that offer factory built homes and found that the quality and price of Silverpoint s Homes were top of the line in quality and much more economical than the others. - Susan B.

We are very happy with our new home! From day one, everyone has been so nice and helpful. Dougal has been great. He has been very attentive to all our needs, making sure all of our special requests & changes were taken care of. During the construction phase, everyone we came in contact with has been super. Jeff, Randy, & Jason are amazing! They have made this a truly stress free process! We love the quality of the home and all the workmanship of all the crews has been great. Ready to make beautiful memories in our new home and they start with Silverpoint! - Carl & Jeanne L.

We are very happy with our Silverpoint home. Our favorite part of the house is the master bathroom and closet. I also love how much storage space we have. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the purchase of our new home, and would recommend Silverpoint homes to anyone looking to purchase a new house. - Mark B.

We purchased our home from silverpoint about eight months ago. The staff and work crew were beyond amazing. Our salesman Mark was wonderful. He did everything he promised and more. I could not be happier with our home and all the people that made it happen. If you are looking for a new home try Silverpoint first. Take it from someone who looked at every house lot in the area. The staff and quality of the homes can not be beat. - Lesley and Danny W.

We ve been in our Silverpoint home for nearly 2 years and are very satisfied. Gary and the staff at Silverpoint are easy to work with and always willing to help. I have recomended Silverpoint to many of my friends looking to purchase a new home. Their homes are built to last. - Levi H.

We purchased our new Silverpoint home in 2010. We found the sales staff to be friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. We are very pleased with the decision to purchase a home through Silverpoint. Our house has exceeded our expectations and we really enjoyed our first Christmas in our new home. We would highly recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a new home to consider Silverpoint. This spring we refinanced our construction loan into a permanent loan. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that (even in the depressed housing market) our home had increased in value in such a short amount of time. - Kenny S.

We bought our home 1 year ago and are very pleased. It is a well built home with great insulation which keeps our heating and cooling costs down. We knew from day 1 they had a great product, however the biggest selling point was the friendly staff. We also would like to thank the wonderful crew, Jeff and company, who helped put the finishing touches on our home. They are welcome in our home anytime. We cannot say enough good things about Silverpoint and would recommend them to anyone. - Jack & Janet R.

We bought a house from Silverpoint about 2 years ago. We had looked at several different places and for the price and quality Silverpoint couldn't be beat. Dougal helped us tremendously by picking everything out and giving us tips and advice. I absolutely love my home and I would definitly recommend Silverpoint! - Matt & Sara C.

We purchased our modular home from Silverpoint in 2009 and have been extremely satisfied ever since. The price was very reasonable considering the quality of the home and the customer service provided by Gary, Jeff and the rest of the staff. During the construction process, they worked with us to make sure we were happy with every aspect of the home, and they continue to address any problems that arise. As other reviews have mentioned, we had some drywall issues as the house settled, but Silverpoint fixed the problems in a timely manner without any hassle. They have always responded to phone calls and emails promptly and have been very friendly and knowledgeable. Originally, buying our first home seemed very intimidating. However, Gary guided us through each step--from planning to completion--making it a low-stress process. Considering the quality of the home and customer service, we would not hesitate to recommend Silverpoint Homes to anyone. - James & Laura M.

My husband & I bought our house almost a year ago..and like an earlier post..settling of drywall is irritating..but it happens..they are scheduled to come & nip that in the bud. Several people has recommended that you let things settle through the seasons changing..then have them come do it..or it might not be finished settling...then you could get more cracks..& such.. Dougal was our salesman..and from the time we had first walked on the lot..(couple of years ago) we talked to him..told him we loved their homes and would be back when we got some things settled..When we were ready he was more than patient with us coming in and looking at the home (repeatedly) to make sure it was "the one". I have to say they answer their phone, return calls, & even email you..to make sure things are going good...throughout the whole experience.

Well it was the one..we love it! High quality house..block layers(Jack)..were awesome, driver!! paid extra attention to make sure nothing happened to our home on it's way here!!(Hoyt), & the crew that put it together...loved them (Joel)! and as far as Jeff & Randy..they need cloned! They absolutely ROCK!! We looked forward to everyday they came to work on our home, I trust them 100% to get things done right. It is kinda sad to see them leave..after all the time they spend on our home..feels like they are such a big part of it. As for Larry...thank you for everything..our house is wonderful...$$ price doesn't change.. no surprises..

FYI Silverpoint is NO COMPARISON to a doublewide place that sales "modulars" these are as close to stick built as you can get.. but you know what...these have more wood in them than most stick built homes.. they go to extremes to make these homes sturdy to withstand travel.. so more boards for support..you get what you pay for & then some. - Matt & Kate D.

I bought my home from Silverpoint Homes almost a year ago. Before going to Silverpoint I had looked at other modular homes but found the homes at Silverpoint to be of much higher quality than the others. Gary was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. Jeff and Randy were the first workers on my property and the last to leave, going far beyond what was expected of them. If I ever have another new home, I'll definitely go back to Silverpoint. - Veronica B.

We first looked at Mod-u-craft homes but after looking at homes at Silverpoint, we found the quality of the homes to be compatible but with a much better price. The staff at Silverpoint was very helpful in tweeking our new house. We are pleased with our new home thus far with the exception of shingles blowing off the roof and cracking in the sheet rock due to settling of the house. Silverpoint has been very responsive in having repairmen come out in a timely manner to repair the shingles and we have been assured in writing that the sheet rock will be repaired later when the house has finished settling. Overall, we are very satisfied with our home and would reccommend Silverpoint to anyone looking for a new home. - Roger & Sanda G.

We purchased a home from Silverpoint a little over a year ago. We had just come from a different company that made promises they couldn't keep and kept adding dollar after dollar to what they originally said. Obviously, that deal fell through. Frustrated, we visited Silverpoint, and immediately knew where we were going to buy our house. They were very timely and affordable. What they said was the price....remained the price. :) Their service was awesome. We have recommended Silverpoint to everyone we have talked to who were looking for a home. - Jeff M.

We went to Silverpoint August 2010 looking for a well built modular home. We were looking for something that we could move into quickly. We did not want to sink money into a mobile home which would have no value. We were pleased to find that Silverpoint could offer us just what we were looking for. A well built, reasonably priced, beautiful home. We love our new home especially the fabulous gourmet kitchen. We had many options when choosing which style home we wanted. We were never limited to just the homes on the lot. After our home was assembled (November 2010) we did have a few new home issues, but a call to Larry, Jeff, or Gary and it was taken care of immediately. We are still waiting on the handrail for our stairway 4 months later. We have cracks due to settling, shingles have blown off, issues with the microwave and a cabinet ... looking for a well built modular home. We were looking for something that we could move into quickly. We did not want to sink money into a mobile home which would have no value. We were pleased to find that Silverpoint could offer us just what we were looking for. A well built, reasonably priced, beautiful home. We love our new home especially the fabulous gourmet kitchen. We had many options when choosing which style home we wanted. We were never limited to just the homes on the lot. After our home was assembled (November 2010) we did have a few new home issues, but a call to Larry, Jeff, or Gary and it was taken care of immediately. We are still waiting on the handrail for our stairway 4 months later. We have cracks due to settling, shingles have blown off, issues with the microwave and a cabinet issue that had to be repaired by the factory. Silverpoint will fix the cracks within the year, the shingles will stay in place once the summer heat hits them. G.E. came and fixed the microwave and the factory leveled up our cabinet in a days time. Overall we are pleased with our Silverpoint home. - Cindy B.

I stopped by Silverpoint about a year ago just looking because I couldn't decide if I wanted to purchase a new home or have one built. I was instantly greeted by one of the salesman - Gary- who was very professional and helpful. He took great care in showing me the home and talking about my price range and ideas. He explained how well the homes were built. I later returned and purchased one of the Amish built homes and I am so satisfied! Because from start to finish they offered me nothing less than the best of customer service. There were a couple situations as there always are with building a new home...but the staff at Silver Point in Beaver went the "extra" mile to give me the satisfaction and worry free way of dealing with putting it all together. I am very happy with my new home and I am glad I went this route. I would recommend anyone who is interested in a new, sturdy and beautiful new home to last for years to come to take the time to deal with SilverPoint. You will most certainly get what you paid for. I had no problems when it came time to do the walk thru because they worked with me along the way to make sure that I was completely happy with my new home. They treated me with respect and courtesy. I would give them an A+ rating. :) - Sandra C.