Silverpoint Homes wants you to Self Tour Now and view your dream home!

Silverpoint Homes is testing new technologies to enable SELF GUIDED TOURS.

Tour a Model Home on your Schedule! Zero Pressure!

We get it. You just want to look at homes and not be bothered by anyone. We are confident you will love our homes once you step inside. That’s why we have partnered with Rently and installed keypads on select model homes so you can tour on your schedule, with zero pressure. Silverpoint Homes is currently testing this technology and will expand to more model homes if this program is successful. You will receive a survey when done touring, please give us your comments.

Tour Now Model Homes are available Sunday – Saturday from 8AM to 8PM. If touring during normal business hours, we just ask that you check-in at the main office to let us know.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the Tour Now home you wish to see
    • Select “Self-Tour Now” button
  2. Submit your phone number to our partner, Rently
  3. Rently will text you a link to create an account. You will need to submit:
    1. A photo of your government issued ID
    2. A selfie
    3. Credit card
    4. Please note, to keep you and our homes safe, there will be a ONE-TIME fee of $0.99 to verify it’s you. You will then have access up to 20 model home visits for 30 days.
  4. Schedule a time to view or go now
  5. Enjoy Your Tour!
    1. Once in front of the model home, you will receive a text with a link that will give you a code to enter on keypad.
      • It must be the phone that was registered and be in proximity of the model home to receive a code.
    2. When done, please firmly pull door closed and it will automatically lock.
  6. To tour other homes, you will need to request another code.

Homes Available to Tour Now

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