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Are You Considering a New Home?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 29, 2019

If you’re still considering a new home over purchasing an existing home, contact Silverpoint Homes

New home construction is booming, as homebuyers are educating themselves on all the advantages that come with new over old. We’re experiencing a lot of interest from West Virginia buyers all the way down to North Carolina. These future homeowners know there’s never been a better time to build. How can they be so sure?

I’m glad you asked!

Energy Efficiency – The homes we’re building today use state of the art materials and systems that are nearly twice as efficient as homes built just a few years ago. That means lower energy consumption, less environmental impact and a more responsible home.

Availability Now – With interest rates remaining low and demand growing, projections are the demand for new homes will soon outpace the home building industry’s ability to keep up. We have scheduling opportunities now, but they are filling up fast.

As demand rises, prices will too. We’re still experiencing a pricing advantage on labor and materials, creating a window of opportunity that is steadily closing.

If you are thinking about making the move to a new home, then let’s talk. Contact Silverpoint Homes to schedule a time to discuss your ideas, needs and preferences. I’ll help you evaluate your choices and begin the process of creating the right home for your family.

Build a Modular Home and End the Search for Your Dream Home

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, January 10, 2019

You’ve searched every homebuilder’s website you could find, discovering there’s a lot of choices out there. If you dig deeper, you’ll see that the majority of those builders are all offering similar floor plans.

Upon further investigation chances are you’ll find their options and upgrades also look suspiciously familiar. Guess what—you’re right!

Here at Silverpoint Homes we believe in marching to the beat of our own drum. In fact, we have floor plans and options that you simply can’t get anywhere else. You should stop in and check out our models for yourself. In fact, we have homes that we custom designed ourselves, and they’re pretty amazing.

Contact us. We can’t wait to show you all the models, floor plans, and options available from Silverpoint Homes.

Modular Construction: The Best New Home Value per Square Foot. Period

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Value is not about what you pay for a product—it’s about truly getting what you pay for.

Silverpoint Homes would like to remind you that when it comes to selecting your new home builder, although price is important, understanding value is critical.  

With new home customers this mistake is made way too often—the buyer never digs deep enough into just what they’re buying.

“Hey, I’m getting a three-bedroom, two and a half bath for a great price. I’m happy!”

You’re happy when you move in…but what about two years later? 

We’ve seen it way too many times, and Buyer’s Remorse is not pretty.  When it comes to selecting the builder to construct your new home, please, do your homework. There is a difference.  Ask the tough questions that make builders uncomfortable:

  • What type of warranty do you offer?  Is it just the structure or is it “foundation to rafters”?
  • What is included as standard features and what is considered an “optional upgrade”?
  • What grade of carpet comes in the home?
  • What brand of windows?  What is their warranty period?
  • Are the cabinets hardwood doors and face frames?

And, there are even more queries guaranteed to set a salesman back on their heels. Choosing a builder for your new home is actually about creating a trusting relationship. Here at Silverpoint Homes we believe transparency is crucial, that’s what has allowed us to do what we do for over 15 years.

If you want to learn more about  screening a new homebuilder, Contact us . We would love to share with you exactly what questions to ask, and yes, of course, show you what Silverpoint Homes has to offer.

Build with Cheer this Holiday Season

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Are you considering building a home in 2019? This holiday season give yourself the gift of relaxation. No, we are not talking massages and spa treatments. We don’t deal in hot stones or soft robes, but in lumber and drywall. At Silverpoint Homes we deliver you an exceptional home at a great price. However, what is frequently overlooked is the value of our process.

Home building, just like the holiday season, can come with multiple stresses that can distract and sometimes detract from the ultimate goal. Here is a list of eight ways that building with Silverpoint Homes can create an easier, less stress-filled, more joyful homebuilding process:

  1. Less weather problems. The primary construction of your home is done off-site and the day your house is set on your property it will be dried in to protect it from harmful exposure to the elements.
  2. Less weather delays. Although delays from weather can never be avoided entirely, less work done on site inherently means less delays from weather. This means less stress, less time, less money.
  3. More inspections, less problems. Our homes all have to pass on site inspections to state and local codes like any traditional home build. In addition, each our homes will pass over three hundred factory inspections.
  4. Less material damage and theft. With the majority of your home completed off site, costs are reduced by minimizing losses to material damages and theft when they are not stored for long periods of time on your job site.
  5. Better efficiency. In a typical build process, the foundation has to be completed before you can begin framing or any other work on the home itself. At Silverpoint Homes we will be on your site working to complete your foundation while your home is being built at the manufacturer.
  6. More organized. Offsite building techniques allow for a more streamlined, more repetitive building process that limits surprises and headaches associated with on-site methods. Think about it;  Would you want your car built on site in your driveway exposed to the elements?  Of course not.  The same principle applies to systems build construction.  A more efficient and organized process yields better quality and less headache for you as the homeowner.
  7. Less worries. Confidence in the structure of your home will ease your mind. Modular homes typically use over twenty percent more lumber and have to be built soundly to endure the stresses of transportation. Whether it be 2” x 6” exterior walls, more hardware for roof, floor and wall attachments or glued headers and footers, each module is built significantly stronger than typical site-built homes. A home frequently has to stand up to severe weather and modular construction does: FEMA assessment teams following Hurricane Andrew in Florida have concluded that modular homes withstood the storm “far better” than site-built housing. “Overall, relatively minimal structural damage was noted in modular housing…the units appeared to have provided an inherently rigid system that performed much better than conventional residential framing. This was evident in both the transverse and longitudinal directions of the modular buildings,” according to the report. (“Building Performance: Hurricane Andrew In Florida,” publication FIA-22, item 3-0180. Get your free copy by calling 800-480-2520.)
  8. Less time. Frequently a home built entirely on site can take six, nine months or even a year or more to design and complete on your site. We frequently see three to four months on site for many of our builds. This means less stress AND less interest payments to the bank on your construction loan.

Skip the long, arduous process of building a one hundred percent site-built home this holiday season and use the time you save completing your project to enjoy your next holiday in a new home! Let Silverpoint Homes finish your home seamlessly and leave you with more time for loved ones around a blazing fireplace, more moments in your new dining room full of food and friends or  relaxing mornings in your cozy living room with your kids and your dog.

To get started contact a home consultant today! Each consultant is available to guide you through the building of your dream home from start to finish. They will make things as clear and smooth as possible, and will answer any questions you may have.

If you want more information please visit our website at or even better visit your local model center and sit down with one of our experienced consultants.

Happy Holidays!

New Homes, Traditional Values with Modular Construction

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 21, 2018

We've shared some compelling reasons why now is a great time to make the move to a new home. The builder you choose to work with, however, is just as important as selecting which home to buy.

So, why should you choose Silverpoint Homes? We could discuss why we’re the right choice all day, but maybe it’s better to let some of our past homebuyers tell the tale instead.

“My husband and I bought our Silverpoint home almost a year ago. We absolutely love the house and would recommend it to everyone looking to build. Mark hasThey helped us tremendously every step of the way with any questions we had. They are excellent in customer service and price. Silverpoint is by far the best place to go when looking to buy a new house. “
- Eric & Theresa R.

“We bought a house from Silverpoint about 2 years ago. We had looked at several different places and for price and quality Silverpoint couldn't be beat. I absolutely love my home and I would definitely recommend Silverpoint!”
- Matt & Sara C.

“I stopped by Silverpoint about a year ago just looking as I couldn't decide if I wanted to purchase a new home or have one built. I am very happy with my new home and I am glad I went this route. I would recommend anyone who is interested in a new, sturdy and beautiful new home to last for years to come to take the time to speak with SilverpPoint. They treated me with respect and courtesy. I would give them an A+ rating.”
- Sandra C.

And this is just a brief sample of our happy homeowners. I’m proud Silverpoint Homes has developed that kind of reputation. Isn’t that the kind of care and service that you want from your builder?

Contact Silverpoint Homes and let’s discuss how we can help you!

Modular Homes and High-Def TVs, What Do They Have in Common?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I wanted to take a moment to ask you a question. Do you have a high definition television in your living room? At this point in time, these flat screen marvels are probably in more than just one room of your house, am I right?

Depending on when you purchased your HD set, you may have overpaid. Prices have plummeted since they first came on the market, making you wonder why in the heck you didn’t just wait a bit longer to snag that technological wonder.

Purchasing a new home is very similar, but on a grander scale. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy, now is the time, but, unlike the price of techno gadgets, you have a much smaller window of opportunity.

With the economy on the rebound, the demand for new, quality built homes has increased. This means that the price of building materials will soon rise, and homebuilders will be forced to charge homebuyers more for the same home that they can purchase right now at a much lower cost.

Don’t miss your chance! Let’s discuss your new home now before the interest rates increase and you’ll find yourself being charged a higher per square foot price. There’s still time, but trust me, Silverpoint Homes have been in the business for over 15 years, and we know what’s right around the corner.

Contact Silverpoint Homes today and let’s set up a time to discuss building your new home.

The new Noble Model Home OPENS Saturday, October 13 - Beckley, WV

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 10, 2018

INCREDIBLE VALUE at $90 per Sq.Ft.

The newest version of the Noble Model Home is ready.

Opening this SATURDAY, October 13, 2018 10AM - 6PM

Silverpoint Homes of WV | 250 University Dr. | Beaver, WV 25813

Noble Model Highlights

  • 1,456 Square Feet
  • 3 bedroom | 2 bath Ranch
  • Base Price = $ 125,095 ($85.92 / Sq.Ft.)
  • As-Displayed = $ 131,500 ($90.32 / Sq.Ft.)
  • With 8'x24' Shed Porch = $ 143,500

We've taken one of our best selling homes and made it even better!

  • Hardwood cabinets with soft-close doors and drawers STANDARD
  • Upgraded Shaw Endura Flooring (WATERPROOF!) in Living Room, Kitchen, & Dining Room
  • Optional 7/12 Roof Pitch
  • Optional 8'x24' Shed Porch
  • Whirlpool Stainless Steel Appliances with Side x Side fridge
  • Block Glass Window in Master Bathroom
Download Brochure Find Out More

Modular Homes for Superior Construction, Lower Costs and Less Waste

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Modular construction can be used to create long-lasting, high-quality homes that last. In general, "modular" means that home construction takes place in a factory, before being assembled onsite from modules.

Modular construction can be used to build high-end, high-quality homes because it allows for higher quality homes faster and for less money and time than traditional, "stick-built" construction.


Modular homes are built to a higher level of quality than stick-built homes, in part because they must be able to withstand the stresses of transport. Joints are tighter, fasteners are more accurately applied, and material is cut with more exactness. The modular construction process is also subject to more QA checks throughout construction, ensuring a superior and more sturdy home.

Saving Time and Money

The modular building process decreases construction time. Similar, custom stick-built homes can take one to two years to design and construct. In contrast, after the design stage, a modular home can be built in 6 to 8 weeks, because the foundation work on-site and home construction occur simultaneously; and factory construction leverages specialized construction teams, equipment and facilities. As a result, a modular home can cost less per square foot than an equivalent stick-built home.

Sustainable Building Practices

Modular construction supports sustainable building practices. Thirty to forty percent of the material used to construct a typical stick-built home ends up in a landfill. With the modular home construction process, an average of two percent of materials end up as waste.

For more information on modular construction, contact Silverpoint Homes.

Modular Homes Can Replace Homes for Hurricane Victims

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 24, 2018

There are far too many victims of Hurricane Florence that are looking to replace their homes. The destruction was so vast that traditional home builders and local contractors will be strapped from too little labor, too little time, and too much demand. The good news is that modular home manufacturing companies are more able to accommodate your replacement home needs in a timely manner. Modular homes for hurricane Florence victims has become the norm in other locations across the nation that have been hit by hurricanes and devastating storms. There are many benefits to choosing modular construction.

Basically, with modular construction, you are outsourcing the labor, materials and construction process, which allows you to get your new, custom designed modular home, faster than many of those people around you who may contract their home with local builders.

Modular homes are built to the same or higher standards than traditional homes, but in hurricane prone areas, modular homes are built even better. Built to withstand up to 140 mph winds and with reinforced joints, modular homes are sturdy and safe and more secure than traditional construction.

Modular homes can also be placed on pilings that are encased in cement and meet all new hurricane specifications. And, because modular homes can be custom designed, they can also be built to the original footprint in order to align with local zoning laws.

If you are a hurricane Florence victim who is in need of a replacement home, Contact Silverpoint Homes.

Wait. What is a Modular Home?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 05, 2018

A modular home is a house that is built of pre-fabricated sections referred to as modules. They are constructed away from a build site, transported to the site and fitted together. This type of prefabricated housing has become increasingly popular with newer technologies and a housing market that is seemingly constantly low in supply. New technologies have allowed these builds to become practically fully customizable and they generally can be built in less time than typical stick-built houses.

It is important to note; modular homes are not the same as manufactured homes or trailers. Modular homes are built to the same codes as site-built homes, and in most cases actually undergo a much more vigorous inspection process.

Got It. So, why build a Modular Home?

Modular builds afford homebuyers many benefits, in fact the modular housing industry is growing faster than any type of new-home construction. There are many reasons, for this, a few of which we have highlighted below:

  • Affordability - you can generally expect to spend ten to twenty percent less on a modular build
  • Quality – modular builds frequently have up to 30 percent more lumber, are built in a controlled environment and are unexposed to weather and outside elements
  • Time – modular builds, generally speaking, take months off of a build’s timeline
  • Less Stress – modular builds allow for a streamlined process that will not only save you money and time but possibly your marriage and assuredly your nerves

Ok, ok, but you sell them. Back it up.

The following organizations have acknowledged the advantages of the modular construction process:

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • National Research Council
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • American Institute of Architects
  • S. Green Building Council
  • S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • S. Army Corps of Engineers (1.)

Not Sold Yet?

This article just scrapes the surface of modular construction and our work at Silverpoint Homes. If you want more information please visit our website at

Or even better come visit one of our Model Home & Design Centers.


  1. “Improving Construction Efficiency & Productivity with Modular Construction.” Modular Building Institute. 2010.