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Comfortable and Compact Living with the Amherst Craftsman Cape Cod Style Modular Home

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Silver Point Homes - Modular homes in Beckley, WV

Excess space in large homes is challenging in regards to maintenance and energy efficiency. It is important, especially for new and growing families, to maximize the available living space. The Amherst Craftsman Cape Cod Style modular floor plan is ideal for those who are looking for a compact home where the needs of every family member are addressed without compromising comfort and elegance.

The small porch area of this 2,703 square foot modular home is perfectly offset by an open living, dining and kitchen area. By placing the living and dining areas next to each other, a wide living space is receives guests at the front door, integrating function and form without the need for additional space. The master bedroom is strategically located in the front for a spectacular view of the outdoors with just the right size closets and bathroom. The two other bedrooms on the first floor are each equipped with a walk-in closet while sharing a bathroom. The space in the second floor can accommodate two more bedrooms for guests or additional room for kids in growing families. Modular home construction also allows clients to specify framing for the second floor layout.

Modular homes in Beckley, WV are built using the latest technology in modular construction. The methods involved are highly efficient in cutting the project completion time in half. Modules are pre-fabricated in an offsite factory under standardized processes in order to maintain high quality of materials. Comfortable and compact living is now within every family’s grasp. To find out more about the Amherst Craftsman Cape Cod Style and other available modular floor plans contact Silverpoint Homes.

Give A Free Holiday Gift in 30-Seconds or Less

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Silverpoint Homes - Holiday Gift  in Martinsville, VA

If a friend, relative, or valued service provider has a website, give them the gift of a business Facebook “like” this Holiday season. This act is free and will literally take you 30 seconds or less. By doing so, you help your friend or relative further establish business credibility and trust from an online standpoint.

Why do this? The reason is simple. Facebook “likes” is something that business owners can refer to promote their business popularity and interaction with their clients. It is also a widely accepted conclusion that Facebook “likes” play some role in how a website converts visitors into customers.

So if you know anyone with a website and wish them well in business, take 30-seconds and “like” their business Facebook page. Look for the Facebook logo usually located at the top or bottom of the website’s home page. Then shoot them a quick note saying, “Happy Holidays. I recently “liked” your business Facebook page and wish you continued business success in 2018 and beyond”. It would be a kind gesture and one that cost you nothing other than 30 seconds of your time.

To all our regular readers of this blog, we wish you all Happy Holidays and only the best for 2018 and beyond.

Experience the Idylls of Vacation Living In The Logan T Ranch with Den Modular Home

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 14, 2017
Silverpoint Homes - modular homes in Martinsville, VA

Who says estates with sprawling lawns and picturesque outdoors require a larger home? Modular construction in Greensboro, NC has found novel ways to customize homes that correspond to every home buyer's particular needs. The Logan T Ranch Style with Den Modular Home offers both simplicity and idyllic vacation living with its dual living area.

The Logan T Ranch style modular single floor plan is just under 2000 sq. ft but features two separate living areas, the front living area and the den in the rear. This set-up enables homeowners to enjoy two different views of the surrounding scenery for maximum relaxation. While the size suggests that this home is ideal for starting families, the continuous stretch of open living space directly flowing to the dining and kitchen areas make it perfect for big gatherings as well. The three bedrooms, each with its own walk-in closet, are strategically located to bring the outdoors in while enjoying a peaceful retreat.

Modular construction of this home guarantees quicker completion time, quality materials, and lower construction costs. Modular floor plans are also highly customizable to meet the blend of vacation and simple ranch style of living home buyers have been looking for. Allay the doubts, the beauty of the outdoors can be captured inside this simple home. For more details on modular home floor plans contact Silverpoint Homes.

Stonehaven Two-Story Modular Home has Exceptional Features

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 07, 2017
Silverpoint Homes - modular home construction in Greensboro, NC

The Stonehaven modular home is one of the newest additions to Silverpoint Homes' massive selection of homes they build. Its expansive 3,996 sq. ft. of living space has more room, features, and amenities than many other homes. For one, it has 3 spacious bedrooms and the impressive master suite has a dedicated bathroom with a separate shower and tub. The two smaller bedrooms are next to each other and share a common bathroom which can also be used by those coming from the living room and dining area.

This two-story modular floor plan also includes a study and a garage along with the other spacious rooms in the home. It's and excellent choice for a growing family, for dual income families, and for those who want more space in a welcoming home.

One of the benefits of modular home construction in Greensboro, NC is that modular building systems continue to advance in their technology and speed of deployment, allowing for faster occupancy for those looking for higher caliber homes. As a viable alternative to traditional on-site construction, modular construction continues to serve Silverpoint Homes' valued customers with excellent living solutions.

To find out more about the Stonehave two-story modular home and other available floor plans, contact Silverpoint Homes.

Happy Thanksgiving From Silverpoint Homes

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving From Silver Point Homes

It’s Thanksgiving week and a time each year when we reflect upon the blessing within our lives. Today our warmest Thanksgiving wishes go out to all of you, our clients, friends, and neighbors. Along with this note of thanks to you, this week we offer a special Thanksgiving “shout-out” to one of the more unsung Thanksgiving heroes, Sarah Hale. Historians credit Sara Hale as the originator of the Thanksgiving federal holiday.

Sara Hale undertook a 17-year letter writing campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday observed in all states. Before Hale, Thanksgiving was not a fixed holiday but rather an informal tradition. Presidents would select a day and make it known that it would be a day of thanksgiving and community. Hale lobbied five separate presidents for a set date until finally her request was granted by president Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln congratulated her tenacity and immortalized the holiday as part of American culture.

So thanks, Sara, for your 17 years of letter writing, for securing our day of Thanks on Thursday, and for your part in creating one of the most warm and celebrated day within our American culture!

Homestead V Cape Cod Style Modular Home Guaranteess Energy Savings Every Month

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Silverpoint Homes - modular homes in Martinsville, VA

There are many benefits to modular construction and this has led to an increasing number of modular homes in Martinsville, VA. The advanced modular processes continue to improve construction for the best final product for home buyers. As a matter of fact, there are new floor plans introduced that cater to the varying preferences and other specific requirements that were not catered to fully before.

The Homestead V modular floor plan has been receiving high praises by homeowners. The Homestead V is actually a craftsman style cape with 3,710 square feet of living space. Just like any Cape Cod style home built with modular home construction, the Homestead V cape cod style modular floor plan has a pitched roof and prominent dormers. These features accentuate the exterior of this modular home along with the porch and the glass door and symmetrically placed windows.

One might think that these features are just for aesthetics, but that is not true. Dormers allow for natural light to come in the house eliminating the use of electric lights at all times of day. The dormers and other windows also allows indoor air to circulate more effectively and do not require owners to switch on their HVAC system all the time. These attributes help save on utility expenses every month.

To find out more about the Homestead V and other modular floor plans, contact Silverpoint Homes.

The Mitchell Max Ranch Style Modular Home is a Ranch Style Home with a Twist

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 23, 2017
Silverpoint Homes - Mitchell Max Ranch style

While most ranch style homes are traditional and sport traditional floor plans; ranches have also evolved to fit today’s lifestyle. An example of this evolution is the Mitchell Max Ranch, a style of modular home in Lincolnton, NC.

The Mitchell Max ranch style modular floor plan has a 1640 sq. ft. floor area that makes use of both modern architectural trends and the more humble elements of a ranch style home. For one, the Mitchell Max stays true to the long, low layout. It also sports of a classic porch and traditional saddle roof, both add character to the exterior of the home.

Adding a modern twist, this ranch style home makes use of modern and state-of-the-art modular home construction. Modular construction is taking the home construction industry by storm. But the real twist is in this modular floor plan itself—shifting from the traditional compartmentalized areas of a traditional ranch to an open concept floor plan. This maximizes space and offers a great flow from room to room. In the Mitchell Max ranch style modular home, the kitchen, dining, and living room flow together with no partitions, creating the look and feel of a much larger space inside. All the other elements of the home are positioned at the edge of the layout—the master’s bedroom with walk in closet and large bathroom is on one side while the two other bedrooms, the common bathroom, and utility room are at the other side.

The Mitchell Max ranch style modular home combines traditional architectural elements with modern design to create a beautiful home. To find out more about this modular floor plan, contact Silverpoint Homes.

Spacious and Stylish - The Stanley Cape Code Style Modular Home

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 03, 2017
Silverpoint Homes - Stanley Cape Cod style

Families need and desire a spacious home. They want to ensure that they have enough space for all the furniture and decor, living area and appliances and still have generous space left to move around freely and comfortably. If you are looking for a spacious and stylish floorplan for a modular home in Greensboro, NC, the Stanley Cape Cod Style Modular Home could be the home that is right for you.

The Stanley home is a traditional Cape Cod modular floor plan constructed using state-of-the-art modular home construction. This modular home has a total floor area of 2,986 sq. ft. with an exterior that features a charming gabble roof. The Cape Cod is a traditional style, but it still remains a well-loved style of home by families even today. The Stanley is proof.

Inside The Stanley Cape Cod style modular floor plan is truly a haven for families who love spacious homes. The living room is huge and can serve as a play area for children while the parents relax watching television. All three bedrooms have lots of generous space too. The master’s bedroom is similar in size to the living room with a large and relaxing bath. The dining, kitchen, and utility rooms are all spacious as well and are located in the back portion of the floor plan. Upstairs, there is a huge storage space for seasonal decors and rarely used items.

Silverpoint Homes - Stanley Cape Cod style modular floor plan

The Stanley Cape Cod style modular floor plan is indeed a perfect example of spacious and stylish rolled into one. To find out more about this modular floor plan, contact Silverpoint Homes.

The Ranch Style Modular Home That is Ideal for Starting Families

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 25, 2017
Silver Point Homes - modular homes in Linconton, NC

Ranch style homes are one of the most popular home styles today. The charm of ranch style homes lies in its simple but long and open layout. For those searching for a ranch style modular homes in Linconton, NC in which to start a family, the Noble ranch modular floor plan could be the perfect choice.

The Noble Ranch style modular floor plan is a classic one-story ranch with 1,456 sq. ft. of living space. All three bedrooms have walk-in closets. The master bedroom bath has a soaking tub. Another bathroom is situated between the two other bedrooms. The Noble ranch style modular floor plan also has a separate room for the washer and dryer, and offers options for constructing a basement or patio. But, what makes the Noble Ranch style modular home a classic is the open dining, kitchen, and great room area. This home is spacious and open, perfect for families just starting out.

Choosing the Noble Ranch Style modular floor plan means moving into your new home in less time than with traditional construction. Modular home construction means you can custom build your homes faster and without compromising durability and quality.

To find out more about the Noble Ranch Style modular home, contact Silverpoint Homes.

The Buckeye II - the Perfect Home for Big Families

Joseph Coupal - Monday, September 11, 2017
Silver Point Homes - Buckeye II Cape Cod Modular Home

Big families should consider big floor plans. With space, everyone can move around and be comfortable with designated areas for play and family time. Modular home construction is a great way to take advantage of the Buckeye II Cape style floorplan, a large and spacious home.

The Buckeye II Cape Cod style modular home in Lincolnton, NC uses shingle-style architecture for an attractive home inside and out. Shingles add shape and texture to the appearance of the house, making it classic as well as stylish. Outside, the Buckeye II has a wrap-around porch to accent the exterior. It has a total floor space of 2,064 sq. ft. with an option for a 2nd floor with 1,081 sq. ft. of space offering total floor space of 3,145 sq. ft. with both floors.

Ideal for big families, The Buckeye II Cape Cod style modular floor plan is designed with space in mind. This home has three big bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as the kitchen, the dining room, and the utility room. But what makes this home special is the designated family room area which is a separate space from the other rooms in the house. Parents can transform this room into an entertainment room for family or a playroom for kids. The Buckeye II is definitely an exciting choice for a family home.

To find out more about the Buckeye II Cape Cod home, contact Silverpoint Homes.