Introducing The Gorgeous Beckley Ranch Style Modular Home - Beckley, WV

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Introducing The Gorgeous Beckley Ranch Style Modular Home - Beckley, WV

With the phenomenal growth in popularity of modular homes in Beckley, WV, more homeowners than ever are recognizing the benefits and advantages of using innovative modern-day construction to build the home of their dreams. Aside from its utilization of advanced home-building technology modular construction is also proven to be cost-effective and efficient without leaving aesthetic qualities behind. This is why we are so excited about The Beckley.

Meet the Beckley

The Beckley ranch style modular home is 1,875 square feet. This home features 3 large bedrooms and 2 large baths. One of the highlights of this large ranch is the gorgeous 17’8" x 12’11" family room. The 15’2" x 12’11" living room also adds a flair to this open spaced home. The kitchen and dining room offers a wide area of 14’6" x 12’11" and 10’6" x 12’11", respectively. It also has some additional floor plan features such as a utility room, foyer, and an optional porch which can be included in the floor plan.

Modular Construction Benefits

Because modular home construction is a growing trend being utilized by home-builders, homeowners are also enjoying its benefits. In modular construction, materials are safely housed in a factory-like setting. Given this controlled environment, materials are safe from decay, deterioration, or absolute damage. This is because elements such as the weather or transportation do not pose a threat to the materials. Consequently, the reduced amount of waste contributes to the lower price of construction by home owners. As a result home owners can put that money towards additional modular home construction which can enhance the look of their home and add a more personalized touch to the style. Furthermore, modular floor plans are also highly customizable based on the requirements and demands of clients.

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